About Us



 D&T is a loving, husband and wife entertainment duo.  This couple will be very interactive with your guests , and they will keep your crowd engaged and moving. They bring high energy to every event they do.  DJ Dee  Smooth sets the tone for the event with great prelude music. He is very good at reading the audience and getting a vibe on what type of music your crowd  likes. Dee is a great DJ! He is an expert at transitioning music, which keeps the people dancing.Tee is an exceptional  announcer  and organizer of events. She will keep your event running smoothly while  interacting with the audience with her beautiful smile and personality. Together, this powerhouse team will give you and your guests an experience you won't forget.This duo works well together and they pay close attention to detail .D&T are professional from start to finish giving each client their absolute best.They are the Perfect team.


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